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Solar Panels

Key Member Benefits

Shape the state's solar industry in a way that makes your business more successful

It might be instruction on educating your representatives in Hartford, or testifying at PURA hearings, or face-to-face meetings with state officials at the CT Green Bank and elsewhere.

Help build our state legislative agenda

Every year our members decide what issues SolarConn introduces at the state Legislature to encourage growth. These decisions are made at the committee level, in this case, the SolarConn Committee on Government Affairs.

Keep track of the proposed laws that impact solar

We track bills proposed by the state lawmakers in Hartford we feel may hurt the solar businesses here. We involve our members in defeating such bills (i.e. H.B. No. 6630 that would have required individuals who install solar energy systems to complete an electrician apprenticeship).

Expert energy legal representation at the CT Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA)

Our new legal counsel has helped us be successful on issues such as ZREC cap increase, voltage variation, improved residential interconnection guidelines and net energy metering credits for ZREC years 8,9 and 10.

Protection from anti-solar state agency actions

State agencies can do just as much harm, or help to solar in Connecticut. SolarConn works with the State Department of Administrative Services to modify State of Connecticut Fire Codes that would restrict solar on up to a third of roof space.

Business-to-business networking

The state's solar industry comes together at SolarConn's regular member meetings. Use these events to network with your peers and hear from industry expert speakers on how your business can adapt to the changing market.


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